Hello! I’m Caroline Dy!

I’m kind of a lot of things at once so I had to break my introduction into parts:

At work…

I’m the lead technical artist at Altitude Games, with about 15 years of experience working in the game industry. I specialize in character design, illustration, animation and VFX within the Unity Development Platform.

I’ve led art teams on mobile titles such as Kung Fu Clicker and Dragon Idle Adventure and have worked on over a dozen other titles across PC and mobile in the casual gaming space.

In the cryptoart scene…

I’m a digital painter selling my work as NFTs through Rarible, KnownOrigin, and Terra Virtua.

At home…

I’m a mother to 6 cats and 5 recently adopted houseplants.

I’m also a huge gamer and fan of story-driven RPGs such as Genshin Impact, Yakuza, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Fallout and the Elder Scrolls series.

Other places you can find me: