Welcome to Draw Write Play!

This is the official blog, portfolio, and general brain dump of game developer, crypto artist, and giant nerd in a small body: Caroline Dy (that’s me)!

For someone whose username is “drawwriteplay” on social media, I haven’t really written a lot lately. The name originally came from a semi-autobiographical webcomic that I used to produce (you can still find it here), and it kind of just stuck. 

I’ve kept the name partially because I couldn’t really think of a better one to use that’s still available on the social media platforms I commonly use, and partially because I’ve already gained quite a few followers on Facebook and it feels like a waste to rebrand.

While I’ve set aside the webcomic part of my life for now, I still feel the need to share my thoughts and experiences with the world. Twitter has been great for that, but I need a space that I can easily reference and organize.

I hope to express more of myself and my work through this space, and I also hope you’ll stick around!

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