Fuck To-Do Lists

My brain is a chaotic place. At any given point in time, I have several thought processes running simultaneously. It’s a wonder how I manage to focus and get any shit done at all.

Every now and then I’d try to manage this chaos by using to-do apps (usually when I’ve just bought a new phone/tablet, or when I’m feeling particularly lost in my own head). I’ve gone through several: Any.do, Wunderlist, Todoist, and even gamified types like HabitRPG. None of them really stick, though. I’d usually poke around each app for a bit, find it useful for about a day, then start to get annoyed when my set recurring tasks start to nag me to get shit done. I’ve also tried traditional pen and paper to-dos.

At first I thought that maybe I’m just using the wrong tools. The only productivity app/technique I’ve managed to really make use of on the regular is Trello, and that’s partially because we use it at work. So I’ve tried using Trello as a GTD tool, which would also work for a short while, but end up being completely ignored after a few days.

Then one fine day it finally dawned on me: fuck to-do lists.


Here’s the thing: it’s not like I’m a completely disorganized failure of an adult. When it comes to my work as a game artist, I’m organized as fuck. I keep track of tasks easily and run like a well-oiled machine (well, maybe 80-90% of the time, at least). Somehow, with work, I don’t have to dwell so much on task management and just do what needs to be done. There is order. There is peace.

For everything else: personal projects, fitness goals, efforts for self improvement and study: chaos seems to be my norm.  The more I try to control the chaos in an effort to “do more,” the less I actually get done. I flutter from interest to interest at an alarmingly fast rate, and though I may not be progressing or learning as quickly as I could if I just focused on one thing at a time, I end up happier and less stressed: important for maintaining order where it’s needed more.

So, what’s my point with all this rhetoric? There’s a very delicate balance of order and chaos in my head, and instead of trying to control it with an iron fist, I need to simply “let it go.”

It’s also my long-winded excuse for why I don’t update my webcomic on a regular basis.

Welcome to Draw Write Play – the Blog!

Hey, everyone!

As is custom for every new blog, this is your obligatory introductory post. I’ll cut right to the chase and say that this blog is likely going to be updated sporadically, just like the webcomic it’s supposed to support. If you’re not sure which webcomic I’m talking about, head on over to Tapastic and maybe give it a read first. You might like it! Or not. Either way, it’s cool with me.

If you are here because you’ve read the comic, then you probably already have a vague idea of what you’re getting into. Which, quite honestly, is a whole lot of randomness.

I set this blog up for a couple of reasons: 1.) I like writing, and sometimes the things I want to write about don’t necessarily fit into 3 or 4 panels. 2.) I already paid for the domain name and I’d feel like an ass if I didn’t make use of it somehow.

So there. Welcome to Draw Write Play – the Blog, where I will likely write about games, cats, and artsy stuff.