Starting Over

I love New Year’s. I hate the holidays (which is basically September onwards in my country) but I love New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

I had intended to write this post at the start of the year, but I got crazy Marie Kondo-ing the shit out our house over the last week of December that I was dead tired by the time the new year rolled over. All I wanted to do in the last few days of my vacation was stay in bed and sleep until the work week started.

As the post title suggests, this is kind of a restart of this blog – which had about a total of 4 entries – so I decided to just archive┬ámy previous posts and start over. This was supposed to be a supplementary blog to a semi-autobiographical webcomic I started on Tapastic, but I haven’t been updating that for a while, so I guess this blog is now just my personal playground (at least, for now).

Anyway, back to how I love New Year’s. I don’t know if I always loved it, or if I have only recently started loving it, or maybe because the last year was just so fucked up that celebrating its end was only appropriate, but I’ve always liked making New Year’s Resolutions (even if I break them one week in).

So far, so good this year, though.

To be fair, I made my New Year’s resolution a little easy this time: use less social media, which is essentially Facebook, in my book. I don’t remember exactly when it started, but sometime last year, my Facebook feed just… exploded. There was so much hate and anger and disappointing news that it┬ádidn’t do a whole lot of good in helping me get out of depression.

At the start of this year, I decided that I will use the platform a lot less by replacing Facebook as an idle-time filler with reading books on Kindle, and I’ve managed to read quite a lot since then. I still check Facebook from time to time (I don’t want people to think I live under a rock), but I rarely engage in posts unless they’re from very close friends or if I’m messaged directly.

One of the books I’m currently going through is Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, which I got from our company Christmas party’s exchange gift last year. I’m only about halfway through but I keep feeling like it’s been nagging me to start writing again since page one, and thus, this post. I don’t really have an idea what I want to write about, I just know that I want to write, and maybe that’s good enough for now.

To 2017, may the odds be ever in your favor.